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Maldon and moving house!!!

The reason why I have not blogged for a little while, is because my boy and I moved into our first flat together last week (eeeeeeeeek).
I still have not sorted out my clothes and books so the bedroom is a bit of a state at the moment (heh).

We decided to drive down to Maldon today for a little break (a break from writing, tidying and buying flowers) because one was duly needed.
The Museum in the park, is £2 to get in and mainly consists of a lot of Maldon's local history (the Battle of Maldon, the overweight Edward Bright, the Roman occupation etc.).
Photos were not allowed unfortunately but if you fancy seeing a Victorian washroom, a WWII living room and a penny farthing.... then head down ;) its run by volunteers and boy do they do an ace job.

This afternoon i will crack on with both my adult Historical novel and my new children's story set in WWII.
My adult novel is coming along nicely and started the 3rd edit on Friday... still hasn't got a title yet though!

dress - …

#Bookaday - June 8th - More than one copy & June 9th - Film or TV Tie in

I have three copies of my favourite HP book :) my original copy (bought aged 9 with my birthday money) is falling to bits.... can't remember how and where I got the other copies but I have them and they are sitting pretty in my bookcase ^_^

In regards to the film/tv tie, it has to be the fantastic masterpiece that is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read the book for the first time age 16 and watched the tv series when suffering with swine flu aged 18. The movie is fantastic as well but there is no Colin Firth ;)

Maldon Military Museum

This little gem is tucked away in Maldon and myself and the boy had no idea it existed until about a month or so ago. Whilst in Mistley, we picked up a leaflet about it and as the weather has been so beautiful recently, we decided to drive down.
Of course Maldon is associated with the Battle of Maldon in 991 A.D but with that aside, its a beautiful place to explore, grab an ice-cream and watch the world go by.

Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte the cenre,
mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað

"Thought must be the harder, heart be the keener,
mind must be the greater, while our strength lessens”

Anyway, back to the museum.
It had weaponry from the 10th century right to the 1980s. Of course I was in my element with the medieval/English Civil War armour, polearms, axes, war hammers etc.
The boy is more interested in WW2, so we both left very happy.

I was fascinated with this peasant axe (c. 15th century)

It looks like it could certainly do a bit of damage.
In regards to the early weapon…

#Bookaday - June 7th - Forgot I owned it

Bonjour Tristesse (Hello Sadness) by Francoise Sagan. This was discovered the other day when i was looking for an unrelated novel.

This was given to me (to keep) by my grandmother when i was 17 (same age as Cecile in the novel).I could not relate at all to the character when i read it as i did not think of myself as attractive or seductive (still don't ;)).

Perhaps it will get read again at some point...

#Bookaday - June 6th - The one i always give as a gift

Room by Emma Donoghue was a present from my Aunt (20th birthday). Now, usually my aunt gives rubbish gifts but I loved this :)

I didn't give this as a gift but I lent it to my mum and I never got it back (hah).

#Bookaday - June 5th - Book that doesn't belong to me

Ah, Katherine Parr, my second favourite of Henry's wives (guess who is my favourite ;)).

My boy's mother lent this to me to read over Christmas and of course i enjoyed it.
I gave it back to her but only because the guilt was starting to seep in (kept a hold of it for over a month). When i lend things to people, i expect them to give them back promptly.

#Bookaday - June 4th - Least favourite book by your favourite author

Helen Hollick is one of my favourite Historical authors; she brought King Harold, Edward the Confessor, Queen Emma and King Arthur to life, but alas, its the final book in her Pendragon's banner trilogy that wins this award.

The story simply was not as strong as The Kingmaking and Pendragon's banner, and it is for that reason only, that i have chosen this book.

For more info about the immense lady, visit here

#Bookaday - June 3rd - One with a blue cover

Oh how many to choose from! ;)
Today I have picked my most recently read book; The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell. This was purchased a few weeks ago for £1.99 in Oxfam bookshop.
It's the first in a series of Arthurian fantasy and boy did i enjoy it! I will be scouring the charity shop again at some point for books 2 and 3 :)

The front cover is also pretty spiffing :)

#Bookaday - June 2nd - Best Bargain

Ta dah, the award goes to Toast by Nigel Slater

I found this in HMV for £1 (usual retail price about £8.99) in the summer of 2012 and have many happy memories of reading it whilst on the train to London.

This book is based around the foods in which Nigel ate whilst growing up; fantastic. I have yet to see the adaptation with Freddie Highmore and Helena Bonham Carter.

#Bookaday - June 1st - Favourite book from childhood

I saw on the fantastic Patricia Bracewell's blog that she had posted about her favourite childhood book and it got me thinking as to what mine would be.
Harry Potter is an obvious choice. After receiving the first book for Christmas aged 8, the rest is history.

But then I remembered The Children of the Red King series by Jenny Nimmo.
I received the first book for Christmas aged 11 and couldn't put it down. It is quite similar to Harry Potter but it is probably aimed at more younger readers. I have yet to come across a grown adult who has read them!

It is set in a school (like Hogwarts) but it is only for children who have 3 specific abilities; those who can act, those who can draw and those who are musical. Or so you think.
It is also for those who have a hidden talent. Charlie Bone's talent (the main character) is quite unique (he can hear photographs speak!).
It is full of adventure, likeable characters and it is probably my second favourite childhood book series (as mos…