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Ah, QI; the perfect programme.
When i put myself on the reserve list via Applause Store way back in 2011, never did i think that i'd bag tickets!
On Tuesday, myself and the boy (with smiling faces), ignored the drizzle and jumped on a train to the glorious capital. The show didn't start till 7 in the evening but we wanted to have a little explore around the banks of the Thames.

It really was dismal, but fortunately whilst on our travels, we stumbled across the Clink Prison (1144-1780) and we certainly know where we will be going next time we're in London. We would've gone in when we found it but time was cracking on.
After having a little walk around Westminster, we headed back to the ITV tower and waited patiently in the queue!

As pictures were strictly forbidden, I couldn't take any of the fabulous Mr Fry or of the set, but believe me, he truly is wonderful and the set is bigger than you'd think.

Unfortunately you can't really see what i'm wearing (…

Ingatestone Hall

I noticed the other day that I had not posted for a couple of weeks... this is due to saving money and enjoying a free house. It is not very often that myself and the boy have this luxury so we took full advantage (using the large tv for GTA V and using the home computer to type up novel ;))

As it's been a Tudor-packed weekend (George Boleyn among others who were executed on 17th May 1536, Anne Boleyn's execution on the 19th May of the same year),we decided to pay Ingatestone Hall a visit. It is in a village about 5 miles down the road from us, has a picnic area and you can have a tour of the manor for £6; a winner all round.
It was built by Sir William Petre c. 1541. Sir William was secretary of state to 4 Tudor monarchs; Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary & Elizabeth I and rose under Henry.
in the 1530s, when William was a lawyer, he was sent to visit all the monasteries in Southern England and fell in love with the estate in Ingatestone. He then purchased this and after being…

Witchfinder General

I am a big fan of the Witchfinder General film staring Vincent Price. The boy and I watched it over Christmas and were astounded at some of the scenes. It received an 18 rating in the 1960s so that kind of gives you an idea of the content.
Matthew Hopkins is the name of the General and he was born around 1619 in the small village of Mistley Heath in the North-East of Essex. Now if you know your history, you will know that at this moment in time, King James I ruled over Britain and had in 1605, avoided being blown up by the infamous Guy Fawkes.

When, in the 1640s, Civil War was ravaging much of England (thanks to James's son, King Charles I), the elder Hopkins used this to his advantage and set about exploiting people's anxiety and fear. And guess what? He became known, as the Witchfinder General. Most of his victims were poor, old defenseless hags who in previous centuries would have been known as "wise women", and quite probably their hovels would have been located …