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Saffron Walden & Walden Castle

This weekend has been dedicated to my boy (its his birthday today!) so we had made plans to go to London... unfortunately the weather has not played ball, so yesterday, instead of catapulting into the capital, we traipsed around our local shops, met a couple of friends for drinks and watched Family Guy.

Today however, we awoke to a blue and cloudless sky so (quickly waving goodbye to our hangovers) we decided to have another museum trip. As Essex is home to a few ruined castles, we thought it best to abandon London (too expensive anyway) and drive up to the lovely town of Saffron Walden in north-west Essex. I had never been before so obviously was very excited to encounter the Norman motte and bailey ruins.
We went to the museum first and at only £1.50, it was well worth it, my favourite part being the authentic Tudor bed.

 photo 075_zpsa898dacd.jpg  photo 071_zps4ecfbcd6.jpg  photo 074_zps17a26f43.jpg

I don't think i've seen an authentic Tudor bed before... obviously there are "mock" beds scattered around, but never a real one... had quite a private, squealing moment and luckily for me, the museum allowed photography! So, naturally, I had to keep taking pictures!

The other section of the museum I thought interesting, was the costume room. The dresses below were quite breathtaking, my camera however, has not done them justice;

 photo 073_zps71ade1b3.jpg  photo 072_zps85631a95.jpg

The white one is a wedding gown (1840s) and the red one is a day dress (c.1901). It is difficult to believe that just over 100 years ago, women were still wearing floor length gowns on a daily basis.

After quickly changing into muddy boots (the mud still caked on from Hadleigh Castle ;)), we strolled across the grass and admired the Norman castle (built during the civil war in the 12th century). There was not too much to see unfortunately;

 photo 081_zpsa472de02.jpg  photo 082_zps445c8eab.jpg  photo 083_zpse7d968a7.jpg  photo 084_zpsbc5fffc5.jpg  photo 085_zps03bba015.jpg  photo 086_zps712d7ae9.jpg  photo 089_zps7b43b8d9.jpg  photo 091_zps196d911d.jpg  photo 093_zpsd840f56a.jpg

Please excuse the sun in my face! This has been our first sunny day for 2 weeks!

Coat - topshop via ebay (£14)
kilt - topshop in the sale (£20)
blouse - miss selfridge via a charity shop (£4.50)
bag - topshop - birthday present.

We are planning to do our London trip next week now, fingers crossed the weather stays fine!


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coat - topshop via a blog sale (£20ish)
cardigan - topshop in a sale (£20)
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coat (see first pic)
blouse - topshop via ebay (£4.50)
boots - topshop (£46)
skirt - topshop in a sale (£7)