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Another visit to Colchester

On the spur of the moment, myself and the boy decided to pay Colchester another visit.
As a wannabe Historian, Colchester is an excellent place to visit; St Botolph's Priory, cobbled streets, Colchester Castle (its castle is under construction at the moment which is a bit annoying but once its all done, it'll look lovely) & the old fashioned tea & coffee shops :).

We grabbed lunch in boots (all day breakfast sandwich & reggae reggae flavoured crisps & orange juice for the boy and salmon, potato & cucumber salad, special K crackers & ginger beer for me!) then wandered around all the amazing charity shops (didn't find anything unfortunately) but I did get some lovely boots from topshop (£42). :)

We then went to the Hollyhead museum near the castle, its much nicer than our local museum; Victorian childhood & the victorian school, life in 19th century Colchester... I would've taken some decent pictures but it was quite busy lol.

Ending the day on a high, we went to the local Weatherspoons (The Play House). It is like a real play house inside as it used to be a theatre! There are even dummies scattered around, sounds tacky but it was very cool.


 photo 972119_10201356828139237_875655028_n_zpseacef8e9.jpg  photo 1006324_10201356824659150_1098542749_n_zpscb99cb31.jpg  photo 1150893_10201356839219514_1595679939_n_zps4919f834.jpg  photo 557982_10201356841619574_248546175_n_zps1c52394a.jpg  photo 1170729_10201356844579648_180798284_n_zps7d131772.jpg  photo 1184883_10201356837019459_1144506294_n_zpsf6ac75a2.jpg  photo 1185404_10201356827059210_1916447446_n_zps5bb3171e.jpg  photo 1185541_10201356833099361_1452952411_n_zps253dfaa3.jpg  photo 42M05EBRN_3_large_zps17fafb99.jpg

The floral dress i am wearing is from Topshop via a charity shop (£4.50).


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