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Westminster Abbey

If you are ever in London, please check out the grand, magnificent Westminster Abbey. Myself and the boy had planned to go there for my birthday in January but tickets were steep at £25 each. However, as I am working on a historical fictional novel, it seemed appropriate to check their website again... and I am glad I did so, tickets had gone down in price to £18!
Words cannot describe how beautiful the building really is.

The inside is just as impressive, such splendour, beautiful tombs... Henry VII's chapel was probably my favourite part of the Abbey, so luxurious.
St Edward the Confessor's shrine was unfortunately closed for private prayer, but the tombs surrounding the shrine were easily visible: Henry III, Richard II, Anne of Bohemia, Edward I & III, Eleanor of Castille & Philippa of Hainault
I was most excited to see Anne Nevill's tomb (I dragged the boys hand, almost risking my life with some Japanese tourists to get a closer look, probably been watching a …

Bank holiday

This bank holiday has been very relaxing. My mother is on holiday with a friend in Devon so it has just been myself, my brother and sister at home... okay, you're thinking massive party right? Wrong! Think sweets, crisps, chocolate and tonnes of Horrible Histories and voila, an evening at my humble home. The boy has obviously been round and yes we did consume alcoholic beverages on Saturday evening whilst watching Horrible Histories, Blackadder (1st series!) and Game of Thrones.

Yesterday, I picked up a crown ring in the topshop sale for the small price of £3.50. Medium was the only size left and it is slightly too big (I have thin piano fingers) but who cares. It strongly reminds me of the ring given to Elizabeth Woodville in the TV show The White Queen :) Polka dot frilly socks were also purchased from primark, at £1.50 it is difficult to say no.

Today myself and the boy have just chilled out in his garden; typing up my novel, reading and playing on an old game boy colour :)


Owl t-shirt

Here is me being silly in my bedroom a few weeks ago. The t-shirt was found in a charity shop: £1.99! Bargain.
The weather here in Blighty is pretty crap at the moment so after a quick dash to tescos with the boy (soup, crisps, chocolate, sweets) we plan to spend the day inside :) well... the boy will off to football in a bit but that's men for you haha.


t-shirt - topshop via a charity shop (£1.99)
tube skirt - h&m (£3.99)

A very cheap outfit!

New Skirt

I thought i'd take a break from writing my novel and share this skirt i found in a charity shop. Its originally from Topshop and many hours have been spent scouring ebay for this baby, and there it was staring at me for a measly £2! I cannot stress enough on how great charity shops are, you give to charity and get something back in return, it really feels like you are doing something good.

skirt - topshop via a charity shop (£2)
t-shirt - topshop (£20)
socks - topshop (3 for £8)
shoes - deichmann (£14.99)

Another visit to Colchester

On the spur of the moment, myself and the boy decided to pay Colchester another visit.
As a wannabe Historian, Colchester is an excellent place to visit; St Botolph's Priory, cobbled streets, Colchester Castle (its castle is under construction at the moment which is a bit annoying but once its all done, it'll look lovely) & the old fashioned tea & coffee shops :).

We grabbed lunch in boots (all day breakfast sandwich & reggae reggae flavoured crisps & orange juice for the boy and salmon, potato & cucumber salad, special K crackers & ginger beer for me!) then wandered around all the amazing charity shops (didn't find anything unfortunately) but I did get some lovely boots from topshop (£42). :)

We then went to the Hollyhead museum near the castle, its much nicer than our local museum; Victorian childhood & the victorian school, life in 19th century Colchester... I would've taken some decent pictures but it was quite busy lol.

Ending the day o…

Hanningfield Reservoir

These pictures were taken last week. Myself and the boy decided to take a trip down to our local reservoir, probably not the best idea as it was raining and I have now got a few gnat bites on my legs!

It feels good to live so close to some amazing places, the hustle and bustle of the City does get tiring, just escaping for a while and getting up close and personal with nature is very rewarding (apart from the gnat bites, ahhh).

coat - tesco (£12)
jeans - topshop via ebay (around £13)
t-shirt - topman in the sale (£8)
cardigan - topshop in the sale (£10)
bag - tesco in the sale (£8)
plimsolls - h&m (£7.99)

Please excuse the boy's thumb in the first photo, haha!


Cambridge is one of mine and the boy's favourite haunts. There are so many lovely cafes, restaurants, hidden gem shops tucked away and a FORBIDDEN PLANET!!! Okay, its not the size of the one in London, but still, you don't see many of them! We didn't purchase anything from there... my excuse is that there was not any decent Game of Thrones memorabilia and the posters were out of stock. Fear not though, I found a decent poster in their HMV :).

We got lunch in EAT. Such a goooood place for salads, sandwiches, pasta etc. I got a lovely tuna salad and an orangeade whilst the boy grabbed a cheese & ham baguette, chili crisps and an orangeade. Its fairly expensive but worth it. My salad also included half a boiled egg and some new potatoes, yum.

All in all we had a very good day, so good in fact that I almost fell asleep in the car on the way home!

The playsuit i'm wearing is originally from Topshop but i paid a meagre £8 for it on ebay, bargain!

Outfit post

This little photo was taken by my boyfriend last night after we started watching series 2 of Game of Thrones (how amazing is it though?!!!). The dress was purchased second hand via ebay around Christmas time, I originally purchased it in 2010, but it shrank in the wash! Will be careful with it this time however, hand-wash all the way.

black smock - topshop via ebay (£4)
black tube skirt - h&m (£3.99) - this is worn underneath the dress as it is very short!

We are off to the lovely city of Cambridge on Saturday, expect another picture overload ;).


Bloglovin is one of those confusing websites I usually shy away from , but here I am at 4.30 in the morning trying to maneuver my way around it!.
^ according to help and support, if this code is copy and pasted onto my blog, it can be claimed on Bloglovin.... fingers crossed it works!

Recent purchases

These are all of my recent purchases from July! Many of them are second hand or in the sale because as i have mentioned before, paying full-price for clothes can be extortionate!

Topshop via a charity shop - £4

Topshop via ebay - £8

Oh my Love in the sale - £10

Topshop via Asos Marketplace - £12

Topshop in the sale - £15

Henry Holland via Debenhams - £18 (okay, this was full price, but very cheap!)

Topshop - £16 (ahhhhh again very cheap)

Olive + Frank - £21 (the boy bought me this :))

Topshop in the sale - £20

Topshop via ebay - £8

Outfit post

I thought i'd post a little outfit for today :) I have been working on some poetry and a historical novel (set in the 14th century) so have been doing epic amounts of research!

black dress - vintage (£15)
bag - topshop (£25)
shoes - deichmann (£14.99)

The shoes were purchased a few weeks ago :) shall do another post later this week of all my latest purchases (there is a considerable amount!).