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Kentwell Hall

A few weeks ago I was browsing the National Heritage website wondering what myself and the boy could do, when I remembered the delightful Kentwell Hall. We had been there on a school trip in year 3 but obviously did not appreciate the beauty of the house and gardens.
From the 25-27th May, Kentwell Hall is opening its doors to the public, think WW2 vintage stalls, a Victorian fete, a Medieval village and a Tudor House. The gardens are also stunning, with winding footpaths, wild flowers and wandering animals, so picturesque.

We stopped for a bite to eat in a war-time cafe, but without the rations! I got a coke and a scone with jam and the boy got an elderflower and apple juice and a gingerbread man; scrummy.

Blouse - Vintage (£4.99)
Skirt - Topshop (£16)
Cardigan - Topshop (£20, 4 years ago!)
Tights - Primark (3 for £1)
Boots - New Look (£30, 5 years ago!)
Necklace - Ebay (£11)
Bag - Tesco (£8 in the sale)

The Anne Boleyn replica necklace and the vintage blouse, are recent purchases.


Here is me in my bargain topshop dress found on ebay

Forgive me if I am wrong, but this dress was a sell-out item about 2 and a half years ago and I did not have the money to purchase it (poor student syndrome). At teh moment I am scouring ebay and buying items i could not afford originally.
Since leaving college and working, its been difficult to part with my well earned money... £38 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a cardigan that gets bobbles after a single wash (topshop you are worst offender). Wandering around charity shops and finding bargains is a thrill, and you're giving to charity at the same time! I think i spent a total of £30 in Cancer Research at the beginning of this year!

^ Another one my bargains, a tenner on ebay...the price was extortionate a few years ago.


Battle of Camlann

Lifting his sword for all to see, pure gold glitters in the morning sun, bathing in all its glory, grinning becomes infectious among Arthur's cavalry. With eyes shining, so lovely, his Guinevere smiles knowingly; one last time.
As heavy boots scuttle among the whoring tents, leers and grunts drown out the roaring Cerdic. Rutting against the stench, the pleasure is not to last. Spent, gasping heavily, it is to begin.
As the dew dampens, rocks unkempt, unawares rattle with fear as Arthur the Pendragon announces his presence upon a menacing stallion. Thunderous delight, it seems as Cerdic mounts and launches an assault upon Roman-Britain. 
Spewing guts, look upon a bloody corpse as cramps give way to horror. Sockets bulge as swords slay sour faces, grip strong reins, fire enraptured knights fight for their Pendragon, their being, so frail!
Possessing many a power, the Lord, prays and kneels upon a sword, Mithras! Maiming many an innocent life, he forcibly fights through