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Happy St Patrick's Day

Haha, i knew i would not purchase one single item on that wishlist. I ventured into H&M with the boy last weekend, hovered around the blouse and decided it wasn't that nice, bought a lovely black tube skirt for £3.99 instead, kerching! Its perfect for work and you can just throw on a t-shirt and cardigan and you're good to go.

A poem of mine has recently been published on it feels so amazing, been a dream for so so long!

I have been busy purchasing new clothes, reading Pendragons Banner by the lovely Helen Hollick and working this week, have had barely any free time at all. After the craziness of last year, i  can finally enjoy sundays, huzzah!


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Back in May, we travelled to Hertfordshire to visit Berkhamsted's Norman motte-and-bailey castle.

Originally a motte-and-bailey then, this was thrown up after the battle of Hastings in order to monitor the route from the Midlands to London - serving as a strategic fortification for William I. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, mentions Berkhamsted as the place where the archbishop of York, Edgar aetheling, earl Edwin and earl Morcar, surrendered to William (they probably didn't have any choice):

'He (William) went up with all the army that was left to him, and those who had since come over the sea, and ravaged all the parts he went over, until he came to Berkhamsted. There he was met by archbishop Aldred, child Edgar, eorl Edwin, eorl Morkere and all the best men of London'

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Pictures from 10/3/2017. Can't beat a good trip to the zoo :) 

And what do you know? - there was even an old church attached to the site! - click!
My fabulous t-shirt is from ;)


We now have a cat, named Bella!

She's absolutely lovely and is settling in well. Best decision we've ever made.

My next post will be about Orford Castle, where we're heading to on Thursday. Hope the weather stays nice!