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Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter!

dress - international via a charity shop (£2)
cardigan - topshop via a charity shop (£4.99)
bunny (present from the boy)

Hope everyone is having an excellent Easter weekend, myself and the boy went out on friday night for our friend Alistair's birthday, had an amazing time! It was great to see everyone together.

trench coat - primark via (£11)

Myself and the boy watched Lord of the Rings: FotR last night, it was great to just kick back and relax, we were both so tired after getting in at 4.a.m on saturday morning. Gosh, that used to be a usual thing for me, not anymore!


I have recently rediscovered my love for jeans. They were worn almost everyday from the ages of 12-17 and the thought of wearing anything else was terrifying; skirts and dresses were a foreign concept. 5 years later, in the space of a week, i have purchased 3 pairs of skinny jeans from Topshop (2 from ebay ;)). The baxter jeans were bought first; £13 from ebay, waist 25" with a 28" leg, fit like a dream. The second pair, £25 (brand new leigh forest green) have a 26" waist with a 30" leg, not so dreamy, leg is fine but are skin tight! I imagine this is how they are meant to be however. The third pair (£8 ebay, another pair of baxters) have a 26" waist with a 30" leg, not so great as the first pair but are tres comfortable.

At the moment i am bidding on the pippa jeans on ebay, i have heard good things about them and yes, i know i am late to the joni party.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Haha, i knew i would not purchase one single item on that wishlist. I ventured into H&M with the boy last weekend, hovered around the blouse and decided it wasn't that nice, bought a lovely black tube skirt for £3.99 instead, kerching! Its perfect for work and you can just throw on a t-shirt and cardigan and you're good to go.

A poem of mine has recently been published on it feels so amazing, been a dream for so so long!

I have been busy purchasing new clothes, reading Pendragons Banner by the lovely Helen Hollick and working this week, have had barely any free time at all. After the craziness of last year, i  can finally enjoy sundays, huzzah!