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Spring wishlist

Here is my spring wishlist, its an ideal outfit for work. The shorts and shoes are topshop, the ring is asos, the blouse is handm and the perfume and the nail varnish are chanel.

I have also started reading I-D Magazine again, this months issue has the lovely Kate Moss on the cover. I have several issues from 1993, 1994 and 1997 with Kate on the cover and would never part with them :) may start buying Vogue again as well, at £4.10 a month compared to £2 for a weekly fashion magazine; works out much cheaper.

Pumpkin Soup

I have discovered the wonderful clothing website that is Pumpkin Soup (not the food haha) Pumpkin Soup — Home  I purchased a ring and a blouse

I used the 10% discount on Alice's lovely blog: 
I also purchased this lovely satchel from Topshop :) retails at £28

also found some glittery boots in the sale, £7 reduced from £38! What a bargain!

camden dress

Remember when i went to Camden Market a few weeks ago? Well, here I am wearing my white lace dress in my local alternative pub. It was such an awesome night, best birthday night out so far, much better than my 21st last year.

I have been shopping this weekend, i found a green coat in the topshop sale which was £15 reduced from £75!!!! I cannot find a picture on the website but i'll try and take a picture of it soon. I may do a another wishlist this week, the subject will be spring as it has warmed up a lot recently! I wore my fur coat out today and was absolutely boiling!

Latest Purchases

I started a new temporary job on the 30th so have not had the time to post. I'm paid weekly which is very nice and have been busying myself with browsing blog sales and ebay. I found a beautiful John Zack dress on ebay (£15 including p+p) I believe Miss Chung wore this little number several years ago (correct me if i am wrong) and i also bought this lovely blouse from (£10.70 including p+p.)

I  also purchased this blouse yesterday, very expensive  but I am a sucker for blouses and it looks very Victorian. Dressing up is fun so i shall be wearing this to work with a brooch, a black skirt and a black crochet collar cardigan.

Its not as green as it looks in the picture, but its soft and if you are planning on purchasing it, size up

Brownies sweater

I was a Brownie from the ages of 8-10 so of course when I browsed blog sale, I had to purchase the Brownies sweater :)

£15.50 including p+p (a little expensive) but my boyfriend has recently bought a secondhand Ninendo 64 so we can be 8 year olds together.