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Camden Market

On friday myself and the boy hotfooted to London for the day. We had originally planned to go to Westminster Abbey but it was quite expensive to get in so we decided to visit the British Library. Mahooosive but unfortunately you need to have a pass to have a proper look around so we scampered along to Camden Market which is just along the road. It was bloody awesome!!! Very overwhelming but i managed to buy a nice white lace dress from one of the many stalls (only £10) and ate falafel balls, yum! On the way home we went to Giraffe in Westfields, the boy had the Giraffe Burger and i had the Veggie burrito :)

I also purchased these cigarette trousers from topshop with a gift voucher, £15 reduced from £38!

Vanessa Paradis for H and M

The wonderful Vanessa Paradis is the face of a new H and M campaign. Johnny Depp's fantastic ex unveils a brand new look and is a very interesting choice for the Scandinavian clothes brand. She shot to fame at 14 with Joe Le Taxi and later worked with Serge Gainsbourgh (variations sur le meme t'aime, which is my favourite album of hers!). She was also the face of Chanel for a number of years and was the face of Miu Miu in 2008.

Behind the scenes pictures, courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Birthday shoes

It is my birthday on thursday and I will be 22, gosh that is old! Myself and the boy will be going out for a pub lunch, then on friday we are going to Westminster Abbey in London :) friday night will be spent with friends on a pub crawl, cannot wait.
I have been looking for the perfect shoes for a while and saw some fantastic heels in good old Topshop, but alas, they were £90! I scoured ebay for a while and found these beauties for £19 including P+P :) They are originally topshop (surprise, surprise) and have only been worn a few times. I did have my eye on some Carvela ones but i was sadly outbid.

I haven't decided on a dress yet, no doubt i will drag the boy to Oxford Street on friday and spend my birthday money hehe.

Reading Festival 2012

Just thought i'd share a couple of pictures from Reading and the hotel in which myself and my lovely boyfriend stayed in :). Highlights were definitely Foster the People, Green Day, Florence, the Foos & Kaiser Chiefs.

grey dress - vintage (free, found it in our airing cupboard!)
superman hoodie (£14.99 from

Little Gold Pencil

Okay, last month I entered a poetry competition on and the theme was "Night Walk", so I quickly composed a poem whilst round my boyfriend's house :).

I was one of the runner ups, although I didn't win it has been a great confidence boost and has really encouraged me to keep writing and entering competitions. In case you were wondering, my poem is entitled "Escape".

School Blazer

Got this beauty on ebay earlier this week! Cannot wait to wear this with a white shirt, black skirt and black shoes x-D. Its originally from Topshop (obviously) and i've been the lookout on ebay, asos marketplace for absolutely ages!

Remember the yellow coat from my January wishlist? Its now in sale but its not in my size!!!! This always happens. I went shopping with the boy in Lakeside yesterday (bday presents) and saw the coat in a size 14 and 10.... 10 would swamp me, sadly otherwise i would've snapped it up.
The new Forever 21 is lovely, i saw a lovely Darth Vader sweater in there which i might buy with bday money, its around £21 :)

The Ruby in the Smoke

The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman, is a fantastic, whirlwind adventure set in the dismal streets of Victorian London. Pullman sets off the scene with the main character Sally Lockhart discovering something she did not quite expect. She then goes on an epic adventure which sees her make new friends and enemies. Pullman pulls out all the stops to make the reader gasp in all the correct places and is impossible to put down! Sally also discovers a lot more about herself and makes the wonderful transition of girl to woman.
It would make a successful adaptation for a film because there are a lot of interesting and diverse characters within the book. Although it has already been made into an adaptation for Television, it is far more suited for cinema as you experience the sound effects and most people do not have giant cinema screen in their living rooms!!! There would be a target audience however, of young teenagers and young adults but the adult cinema audience will find…

Sailor Coat

I've finally found it! It was hanging there looking ever so pretty in Cancer Research, it is two sizes too big and is Topshop Tall, but i can make it work :). It wasn't too expensive (£8.95) and has no holes, all the buttons are present and apart from some animal hairs, its in perfect secondhand condition!

The red version (never been worn, size 8) cost me £50 on ebay last year, so this beauty was a bargain!


A Pauper's Christmas
Poverty, slung on a skewer bite into tender mutton moist lips, lick fingers a pauper christmas; grave.
Howls among church folk unwelcome, blind seize rags and pray that, next michaelmas will be better!
An empty packet promised feasts plates undernourished pitch forks a plenty
Days falter; pitiful scraps gin will do syphliss and kisses will be the main prize.