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Cameo Brooch

I received this lovely cameo brooch today, i purchased this on ebay a few days ago and the expected delivery date was 4th January so wasn't expecting it so soon.

cardigan - forever 21 (£16.75)
brooch - vintage via ebay (£4.99)

The boy bought me my sparkly dress for christmas! I only wore it for a few hours because i didn't want to ruin it, got glitter everywhere :) He also bought me a blue backless topshop dress but i cannot find a picture on the website unfortunately.

Happy Christmas

Christmas was lovely this year, the boy got me 2 lovely Topshop dresses (will blog about those at another time) and a Lord of the Rings replica ring! I also received a lovely velvet skirt from the mother, various books and cds, bath stuff and chocolate.
On boxing day, my boyfriend of almost 2 years met my dads family for the first time! I was pretty nervous but the evening went well and afterwards, myself and the boy went to the pub :)

Last night, we played Chelmsford monopoly! I made the boy bankrupt, poor thing =P

top - primark via ebay (around £4)
dress worn as skirt - topshop via ebay (£6)


Gosh, haven't updated for over a week! On thursday myself and the boy headed down to BBC Television Centre in White City to watch two recordings of the BBC show Pointless! It was great fun and the episodes will be broadcast in March :). No-one won the jackpots but there were 4 pointless answers in the first round!
After the recordings, we went to Bond Street, had dinner in Garfunkels (i had cheese omelette and chips and the boy had his usual burger and chips) then had a look around Topshop in Oxford Circus. The boy bought me a lovely cat t-shirt :)

retails at £16

my coat in the above picture is originally from Topshop but i got it on ebay for £15, the blouse is another Topshop-ebay purchase, also £15 :)

New hat :)

I purchased the hat in my previous wishlist today :) its only £12 and is such a lovely colour, i have a feeling this won't be leaving my head until summer!

these are the items that i have recently won on ebay, all are originally from Topshop (cringe). I did have the black dress but it shrank in the wash :( i'll take more care of this one. The blouse was worn by Keira Knightley a few years ago, have always liked it.

I saw The Hobbit last night with the boy, it was amazing, definitely recommend it!


Now this is a picture from October, it was taken in the boy's room :)

t-shirt - topshop (£20, 4 years ago!)
shorts - primark (£5)
scarf - forbidden planet (£19.99)

This scarf is the official Gryffindor scarf, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so i couldn't say no to this lovely thing! I think the boy is planning to buy me more memorabilia for my birthday :)


Shitty webcam picture this morning

this dress was around £4, found it on ebay nearly 3 years ago, its originally from a vintage section in Topshop Oxford Circus :)

Not much else to report other than i have won 2 more dresses on ebay, will post them shortly :)

January wish list

Remember the wish list i posted in November? Well, my dad has bought me the Mango coat as a Christmas present. I had wanted the XS but there was only S left so fingers crossed it fits okay! I also purchased some low wedges from ebay for £14.99 (originally from Next) last week, they're not Chloe but they are very comfortable!

this is my wish list for January (my birthday is in January so hopefully these will come into my hands)
Tights - Forever 21
Lipstick - Rimmel London
Hat, dress & coat - Topshop

Long time, no see

Our laptop charger broke a few days ago so i haven't had a chance to update this very lonely blog. This is a webcam picture of me taken last May, i am wearing this dress today and I purchased it from Republic for £10 in 2010 :). I love recycling old clothes.

I have decided not to purchase the Miss Selfridge blouse from the previous post, can probably find a cheaper one on ebay.


On friday myself and the boy ventured into London to do some xmas shopping, now me being me, i did not do much at all! In fact, i only bought one present!
I purchased this velvet dress from Topshop (£35)

I did take pictures but still cannot upload them! Digital camera was not purchased (unfortunately). I may have to get the boy to take outfit pictures :)


the skater skirt is Topshop (from the previous post) :) the blouse is Miss Selfridge (£35) the shoes are French Sole and the bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I plan on purchasing the blouse later this week as i have free delivery on the Miss Selfridge website (more readers will know what i am talking about!)

£5 shoes!!!

I went out for lunch yesterday with my mum and we had lunch in the pub, i had lovely thai egg noodles (yum) and mum had the lasagne. She bought me this lovely velvet skirt from Topshop as part of my Christmas present.


I had to get the petite as the only sizes in the regular were 12, 14 & 6. I'm a 6/8 in Topshop but an 8 is usually a better fit.

I bought these shoes in the kids section from Tesco last night for £5, they're great because they have an elastic strap across so they don't slip off! I have very narrow feet so this is excellent :)

apologies for the small picture!


Chase forgotten dreams, grasp a whiskey bottle and forget, those dreams once, are now without reach.
Papers askew, a desk,  no smiling face appears, instead, a devil mask.
Alone, dark, dismal is this place! Blankets are few, scraps are thrown to beggars.
Bambi eyes, thrown to the lions, vodka and lime if you please, comfort in every sip.

Christmas Dress

The boy and I went shopping for a bit on Saturday, he bought one of my wish list items for me but I cannot wear it till Christmas, waaaaaaa! Its so lovely.

Topshop - £46

We went to see the wonderful Frankie Boyle last night, he was hilarious. I did take outfit pictures but I changed my phone (to a blackberry) and I can't seem to upload pictures to my photobucket. I plan to purchase a digital camera later on this week so you'll just have to put up with poetry (which i will post tomorrow) and pictures stolen from various websites.

More baking

I attempted to make fairy cakes yesterday but i forgot they were in the oven and ended up really dry. I salvaged them by giving them wings and adding strawberry jam :)
I also finally finished a poem about Bleak House (been working on it for the past 2 weeks), I've written a stanza about each of the main characters, i shall type it up on here very soon.

Myself and the boy went for a pub lunch today, i had the scampi and the boy had a cheeseburger (bleh). I find pub food  more filling than restaurant food, and its much cheaper!
This blouse is a recent purchase from ebay, it was completely see through so i bought a white vest top from H&M yesterday to wear underneath it.

White blouse - Topshop via ebay (£9)
White vest - H&M (£3.99)
Skirt & tights - Topshop (£22 and £4)
Loafers - Russell & Bromley via ebay (£30)

Tea and a bit of Emma :)

On tuesday night i ate 3 of my peanut butter cakes, yum, they were washed down with a nice cuppa :) I watched the first part of the BBC's version of Emma, i had meant to buy the version that was on tv 3 years ago but alas, ended up with the wrong one! Oh well, it'll do.

This outfit is from yesterday, i spent most of the day writing poetry and reading A Hollow Crown by Helen Hollick, funnily enough, it is about another Emma; Queen Dowager of England, she was the first Queen of England!

T-shirt & tights - Topshop (£20 and £4)
Leather skirt - Topshop via ebay (£8)
Belt - ebay (£2.99)
Cardigan - Miss Selfridge (£15 in the sale about 2 years ago)

Harold & Edyth

Muscular, safe, wrap me around you incense, soft and sweet Armour; farewell tear laden faces not goodbye forever.
Remember our thriving bodies sweat trickled backs eyes ever knowing a hidden, secret understanding yours ever, at whatever cost.
An enormous presence brave men scatter ridiculed many an Earl William the Bastard England, like a fat plump goose is awaiting the knives.
It begins.


Check out these peanut butter cakes :) i don't have a recipe for them as i never measure out the ingredients, just put three teaspoons of peanut butter into the mixture after stirring in the flour :)

Dress - George @ Asda via a Charity Shop (£3.50)
Shoes & tights - Topshop (£25 and £4)

Wish List

Here is my wishlist, i can afford the dress (topshop), the coat (mango) and the necklace (motelrocks) but alas, the bag (mulberry) and the shoes (chloe) are a bit out of my price range!


Last night i went to the pub with my boyfriend and 3 of our friends :) i purchased this dress from Topshop yesterday, its so beautiful and fits like a glove!

it retails at £35 and is definitely worth the money, especially if you need cheering up! ;)

Dress - Topshop (£35)
Brogues - Topshop (£25 in sale)
Trench - Primark via Asos marketplace (£11 including P+P)
Bag - Vintage via Oxfam (£3.99)

Introduction post

Hello, my name is Becca i'm 21 years old and live in the great city of Chelmsford in Essex. I am not a TOWIE reject and although I occasionally watch the programme, i hate fake tan, nails, hair and am a normal young woman who loves fashion.
I graduated from college in June (studied Business) and have been doing various temporary jobs since the summer.
I am also a poet and regularly entre poetry competitions, i may even post a few on here!

Here is my face! :) and a photo outfit from earlier on this year

Jumper - Topshop
Boots - New Look
Skirt - Charity Shop